Get to Know Mateo

Get to Know Mateo

If you haven’t met Mateo yet, you’re missing out! Each month we highlight one of our children so you can get to know them a little better. This month, we’re sharing more about the quiet, studious, and secretly hilarious Mateo.

Mateo’s Life before Dorie’s Promise

Three and a half years ago, Mateo and his older sister Flor joined our family at Dorie’s Promise. The pair had previously been living with a foster family. At the time, Mateo and Flor were hopeful they were being matched with a Guatemalan adoptive family. Being with a foster family is unusual in Guatemala, hence their excitement.

Unfortunately, their potential adoption didn’t work out and they were subsequently welcomed into our home.

Unlike many of our children, Mateo’s previous foster care experience was good and he came to us with very few concerns. From the very first day, we’ve been amazed by how intelligent, polite, and mature he is. Don’t worry, he’s still an energetic boy who loves to play video games and basketball. But, he’s also mature beyond his years and has an insightful quality and inquisitive nature.

Mateo’s Life Today

Today, Mateo is finishing up his first year of middle school. We’re grateful for his calm, helpful nature, especially given the challenges of being at home full-time and participating in school online. Although he loves computers and math, distance learning is not his preference. Instead, he’d rather be at school with his teachers and friends.

According to Mateo, the best thing about distance learning is getting to sleep in later. Normally, our children are up by 6 am and on their way to school soon thereafter.

Although he’d prefer that he and Flor be adopted, Mateo fills a very special role in our home. He fits perfectly in the middle of our boys—benefiting from Brayan as an older brother figure, having Ulices as a great friend, and always willing to be the helpful older brother figure to our younger boys.

We love having Mateo with us. He’s a joy to be around.

Looking ahead, Mateo’s future

Next month, Mateo will celebrate his 14th birthday. We’re proud of the young man he’s becoming and are anxiously watching as he gets closer to adulthood.

Our greatest prayer for Mateo is that his adoption dream becomes reality. We know how much he loves Flor and how grateful they are to be together. Although matching adoptive families with sibling groups can be more difficult, especially for older children, we know this is their desire and wholeheartedly believe their dream can come true.

Favorite memories from our staff

“Last year, we celebrated his graduation from elementary education. It’s nice to remember how happy he was that day, enjoying and sharing with all the boys and girls at home. Although he is a serious teenager, we enjoy watching him have tender moments with the little ones and helping them in their daily activities.”

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