Forever Friends x2

Forever Friends x2

By Heather Radu-

With Christmas drawing near, have you been caught up in a frenzy of gift wrapping, parties, and planning for the annual family dinner? We at Forever Changed International think it is worth pausing to contemplate a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year: child sponsorship.

Sponsors not only support our ongoing work, they provide children with new opportunities and hope for the future.

“Those who have been involved in mission teams at Dorie’s Promise have seen the difference and impact that sponsorship can make in the lives of children at our homes,” says Director Alejandra Diaz.

“They have seen, face to face, some of the real-life situations where our children were once trapped. They have also seen how different their lives are today. That is made possible by sponsors who keep supporting our work.”

If I promised you a 100 percent return on a particular investment, you might consider me crazy or call the authorities so they could put me out of business. Yet, that is exactly what we can promise to everyone who makes a pledge during December to become a child sponsor.

A friend of Forever Changed International has promised to match each sponsorship—dollar for dollar—that we receive by Dec. 31.

Think of that. For each pledge, an equal amount will go towards supporting the physical needs, education and medical care for desperately poor children in Guatemala.

While we ask for a minimum of $35 a month to help a child at Dorie’s Promise, you aren’t limited to that amount. So, when you give $50, our matching sponsorship challenge turns that sum into $100. A gift of $75 becomes worth $150.

However, child sponsorship is more than committing to give a certain amount each month. It includes opening the door of your heart to build personal relationships with our children through cards, letters, gifts and visits.

Because of sponsors, our kids have access to medical care, no longer suffer from hunger and have new dreams about studying for degrees.

Likewise, sponsors help our staff and organization dream about running Dorie’s Promise for many years to bring to our home children in need of love and care.

“Through monthly sponsorship you make the commitment to support our homes and we commit to doing our best every day to change one life at a time,” Alej says. “We really believe what the Bible says: ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ (Matthew 25:40).

You can help by becoming a sponsor. Or, if you already are a sponsor, consider adding a second child. There is also still time to give a one-year sponsorship as a gift. E-mail me for more information.