Forever Changed in One Week

Forever Changed in One Week

By Matthew Sandusky

I went on this missions trip thinking that it was just another oportunity to serve God in another country. I soon realize that this was going to change my life forever.

bryan jonathan and meI learned a lot that week. In the ghetto I was surprised to see contentment where ever you looked. We ask a lady what she needed and all she would ask for is that you pray for to have enough spiritual strength to get her through the day. I could not believe how people with so little to be content with nothing.

The next day we went to the state orphanage and there we had a party with the special needs kids. There these kids live with next to nothing and it really showed me how fortunate i really was. I started thinking about how much I had and how ungreatful I was. God started convicting me about so many things in my life I needed to change if He was to use me the way He wanted to.

Tuesday and Wednesday we got the opportunity to work at dories promise and the ghetto. There again I saw contentment. We delivered bunk beds to a family and the kids had stayed home from school so they could be there when they arrived and they were the happiest kids in the world. We then dug footers for a retaining wall. The lady that was to live there was in tears because we simply helped her for a couple of hours.

At the orphanage i got to know two of the boys named jonathan and bryan. We hit it off well in the begining and i loved hanging out with them. I'd go down there at night and we would wrestle, have pillow fights, play with my ipod or just goof off. It was awesome to see him having fun and getting the attention that he needed. It showed me how important dories promise is and without it jonanthan and all the other kids might be stuck in the state orphanage or on the streets.

In one week God changed my life and showed me what is important. I now have a passion for guatemala and those kids at dories promise. I know how important dories promise is in building good, strong, christian kids and I know those kids will impact guatemala when they are older. I am so glad I had the opportunity to go on this trip and support dories promise in this way. I will be going back soon.

Forever Changed,

Matthew Sandusky

Princeton, IN