Elyel’s New Family

Elyel’s New Family

Elyel Garcia Gramajo

DOB: 05/15/2006

Entered Dorie's Promise: 05/17/2006

Recently, Elyel left Dorie's Promise to be united with his new family.

Elyel's biological mother entered the Promise of Life program to give her baby up for adoption. However, after she delivered Elyel, she disappeared. She has not been present and it has been difficult to find her in order to continue with the adoption process. Eventually the biological mother was notified by the court to continue with the process to allow Elyel to be adopted. On 03/03/2009 the court declared Elyel adoptable.

The Central Adoption Authority (CNA) found a Guatemalan family interested in adopting him. Through a process that take approximately 3 weeks, Elyel and his new family got to know each other. Elyel leaves Dorie's Promise, the home that has sheltered him since he was a newborn. We wish Elyel the best and pray the Lord keep him safe and happy in his new life.