More Than Just Teeth

More Than Just Teeth

By Alej Diaz

In late June we carried a story about local volunteers who multiply the effectiveness of Dorie’s Promise. This week we want to spotlight one of the more skilled helpers: our dentist, Victor Zecena.

A friend of Dr. Francisco Castro, who provides the home’s medical care, Dr. Zecena has been treating children here since early 2008. He has operated his own dental practice for the past 20 years.

“When Dr. Castro asked me to serve the children I accepted right away,” he says.

“I am delighted to contribute to their dental health and well-being. I have been blessed by a successful dental practice all these years; the least I can do is attend to the poor and deprived children of Guatemala.”

Dr. Zecena has passed this volunteer spirit down to his children. His daughter, Waleska, started volunteering four years ago when she was just 14.

She finds the infants the easiest to care for, helping to change their diapers and assist with feeding. She also plays with the other children.

Waleska started coming to Dorie’s Promise with a group of students from her high school.

She now visits with a group from the university she attends. Ironically, the leader of the university group is Dr. Castro’s daughter, Anna Gabriela.

“She just loves the children’s smiles and their positive energy,” Dr. Zecena says. “My reward is just the joy of doing something good, especially for the little ones.”

His daughter is also proud that her father works with the children, which she says helps convince her that God is guiding them in their service. For Waleska, it also reinforces the importance of the health profession on people’s lives.

The dentist calls working at Dorie’s Promise a great opportunity, bringing him and his daughter a sense of truthfulness and hope.

“God is present and manifests Himself through us when we serve,” says Dr. Zecena. “It is the essence of Christianity—to imitate Christ’s life. Volunteering brings us happiness, an awareness of God’s purpose, and a sense of being human.”

Such service also brings warm smiles to the faces of everyone who works here.

Volunteers like Dr. Zecena are examples of people whose mission in life is to bless others. It’s the kind of service that money can’t buy.