Dorie’s Promise of Health & Wellness

Dorie’s Promise of Health & Wellness

After our shared experiences of the last few years, it’s safe to say we’re all more aware of the blessing that is our health and access to good medical care. Part of the vision we set for our children is to be loved, happy, and healthy. As our children mature, we’re expanding our programs to help them recognize that health is more than physical.

Caring for Physical Needs

We cannot imagine Dorie’s Promise without Doctor Castro. He’s our doctor, a mentor, a friend, and most importantly, the one who challenges us to constantly improve our programs.

Early in his tenure with us, Doc saved the lives of numerous children during a rotavirus outbreak in our home. After he transformed our medical program, we didn’t expect another health emergency. Thankfully, we had Doc’s vigilance, leadership, and preventative care to insulate our children and staff from the worst effects of COVID-19.

While he was monitoring the pandemic, Doc also provided ongoing care for several of our children with severe medical conditions.

Earlier this year, both Josue and Manuel had surgery. Manuel’s prognosis is fantastic thanks to Doc and our local surgeons. Josue is recovering well, but his condition is more complex and we anticipate additional procedures soon. Managing Josue and Manuel’s extensive medical needs would have been impossible without Doc.

We’re thankful for Doc’s guidance.

Prioritizing Mental Health

Unlike children in many other Guatemalan orphanages, our children have access to trained psychologists daily.

Ana Maria and Javier’s presence is critical for our children’s mental health. Even during the most restricted periods of lockdown, our boys treasured their conversations with Javier. His words alone gave them comfort and eased their fears. Ana Maria introduced our children to yoga and used the exercise to help them process their feelings and stress.

In addition to the residual effects of the pandemic lockdowns, our children also face the broad and long-lasting effects of trauma.

As our children mature, they are more frequently confronting the emotional toll of losing their biological families. As they consider their futures, the tension between past deep hurt and hope for the future is a daily struggle.

One of our highest priorities right now is expanding our mental health program at Dorie’s Promise.

We Need Your Help

Our former Health fund is now our Health + Wellness fund and focuses on providing resources to support the holistic wellness of our children. This includes Doc’s medical clinic, Ana Maria’s psychology department, partnerships with specialists, and education for our staff.

We want to be prepared for whatever our children face.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 by December 1st to:

  • Fund Josue’s upcoming surgical needs and after-care
  • Support Doctor Castro, his staff, and our clinic
  • Expand our mental health program and staffing for our adolescent children
  • Establish partnerships with specialists to bolster available resources
  • Provide trauma-informed training to our staff

Please consider supporting our Health + Wellness Fund with a special gift today.

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