Dehumidifiers Needed at Dorie’s Promise

Dehumidifiers Needed at Dorie’s Promise

Smaller Unit for Children's rooms

Smaller Unit for Children’s rooms

We are in need of two sizes of dehumidifiers, smaller ones for the children’s rooms and larger ones for storage. The humid tropical climate in Guatemala means that moisture builds up on walls and and items in storage can quickly become musty. If left too long they quickly go from musty to moldy.

We’ve recently completed a major room renovation on our home. The next step is to protect the new linens and other items with good dehumidifiers. The dehumidifiers will also help improve the quality of the air and reduce allergens. Everyone will breathe a little easier once we get these installed, but especially some of the children who have health issues.

We need 8 smaller units for the children’s rooms, and 2 larger ones for storage. Both units are listed as priority items in our new gift registry. If you are able to help us purchase these items we’d greatly appreciate it. It will not only make the air healthier for us, but it will help us to be good stewards of our home.