Cozy & Comfortable

Cozy & Comfortable


By Alejandra Diaz-

Future visitors to Dorie’s Promise who notice children wearing decorative flip flops will be seeing tangible evidence of a recent outreach by Girl Scout Troop #633 from Hough Street School in Barrington, Illinois.

As part of the troop’s 2012 international outreach, the fifth-grade students also fashioned colorful plastic plates for our kids. The project concluded with a late March visit by troop leader Beth Bach, her family, and 12 other team members.

Beth’s daughter, Peyton, 11, represented the troop. In addition to Guatemala, another member and her family went to Rwanda over spring break.

“The highlight for me was witnessing how happy the kids at Dorie’s Promise are,” Beth says. “It’s a phenomenal home and the children are entirely blessed. My daughter most enjoyed playing with the kids and doing crafts with them.”

Beth learned about Forever Changed International last November while investigating short-term mission trips. FCI proved to be the best option. That led to her troop choosing Dorie’s Promise, as well as Africa, as places to bless and visit.

At their February meeting, members collected donations of basic necessities for African children. For Dorie’s Promise, each girl chose a particular child to create a plate and flip flops for; they also sent blank plates and undecorated flip flops for older children to work on in March.

During their visit the team had the older children design flip flops for the Special Mothers, which gave them an opportunity to thank these incredible women with a special gift.

“They were just thrilled with them and eager to choose a pair,” Beth says. “What a special touch it was to have the kids present them.”

In addition, the team helped children create fun bottles. They filled them with rice and small items that would get buried in the rice, but surface as kids moved the bottles. They also made juggling balls by filling balloons with rice.

However, Beth says the kids ultimately had more fun playing in a shallow box of rice. Their other special activity: a Splash Day of playing in water, which Peyton enjoyed too.

The mission included a huge boost for Dorie’s Promise. The team delivered 40 blankets (valued at more than $3,500) for our nursery. They were donated by Barefoot Dreams of Southern California.

Founder Heather Radu had requested the blankets to replace worn-out bedding. Since Beth couldn’t afford them, she wrote to Barefoot Dreams CEO Annette Cook to request a donation.

“I had no idea that blankets, which inspire the whole nursery décor, were so expensive,” she says. “God truly touched (Annette’s) heart. They were impressed with FCI and more than eager to help. They were even more touched when I sent them the follow-up photos.”

If you would like to make a similar impact on the world, contact us for information about a mission trip.