Cooking up Love

Cooking up Love

By Desi Stephens-

Last December, a student chef from a university in Guatemala City contacted Dorie’s Promise to see if they could visit us regularly to serve food to our children and staff.

We arranged for them to visit during April and May, with students coming twice a week for two hours each day.

They came not just to cook meals for the children, but to volunteer their time, talent and knowledge to assist our cook, Dolores Zapeta.

They taught her how to cook a more nutritional diet for the kids. And, they served as teachers too, buying food supplies beforehand.

“I learned many ways of cooking food in a healthy, fast way,” Dolores says. “They helped a lot with planning new menus and new techniques I can use in the kitchen. I learned the importance of presentation and good flavor. Food is so elementary for children’s development. I hope they return some time to show me more recipes and techniques.”

One of the children’s favorites that the student chefs cooked was lentil soup— something I never would have expected!

After cooking up a storm in the kitchen, these volunteer chefs spent time playing with the children, too. For them, it was more than an assignment—one that they took to heart.

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