Comings and Goings

Comings and Goings

New Child Ulises Castro at Dorie's Promise Guatemala

Ulises Castro (Age 3)

By Arwen McGilvra-

The nature of our ministry is flexible and fluctuating. Therefore, we keep several beds open for foster kids who will be in our care only temporarily. Of course, since these cases are often waiting on the courts, we typically don’t know how long these children will be staying with us. Recently, several new children came to our home, and, at the same time, CNA (the Guatemalan adoption agency) found forever homes for some of our other children. The goodbyes are bittersweet — we grow to love the children in our care and will miss seeing them, but rejoice with them when they find an adoptive family.

New Children:

New child Estrella at Dorie's Promise Guatemala

Estrella Castro (Age 7 mo.)

Estrella Castro

Approx. Age: 7 months

Estrella and her brother Ulises entered our care because their birth mother was negligent. Estrella got sick with an intestinal infection and was admitted to a national hospital. When she came to our home, Dr. Castro evaluated her and found that she has chronic and acute malnutrition.

Ulises Castro

Approx. Age: 3 years

Ulises, Estrella’s older brother, was also removed from the home due to negligence and abuse. When Dr. Castro evaluated him, he had chronic and acute malnutrition as well as severe cavities. He was very small for his age (appearing to be only 1½ years old) as a result of malnutrition. Estrella’s and Ulises’ birth mother is a teenager who hasn’t shown interest in learning to properly care for her children. We will know more at their next hearing.

Maria Rene

Approx. Age: 3 months

Maria was found in the streets by the police. They took her to Minors court, which placed her in our home. She is also very small for her age, appearing to be more like a newborn than a three-month-old. During her examination, chronic and acute malnutrition was evident, as well as lice.


Saying Goodbye:

Sandi with her adoptive familySandi

DOB: 4/25/12

Sandi came to Dorie’s Promise by a court order because the birth mother didn’t want her.

After a several visits with Sandi, CNA granted a Guatemalan family the opportunity to adopt her. They seemed to be very excited to be first-time parents. Recently, CNA requested we meet at their office to give Sandi legally to her new adoptive family. Sandi was barely in the door of the office when she saw her new mother and immediately extended her arms to be held. It’s good to know that she’s made a bond with her adoptive family and that they are willing to love and care for her. We wish Sandi all the love and care she deserves.


DOB: 12/24/08

Angel with his adoptive family.Angel was sent to us by a court transfer order because he was suffering malnutrition in the Government Orphanage. When he arrived at Dorie’s Promise, he looked small and sad. He was declared adoptable this past September.

During three weeks of visiting Angel and getting to know him well, the CNA granted to a Guatemalan family the opportunity to adopt Angel de Dios. He left us very happy and excited to go with his “mom and dad.” We wish him the best and hope he finds in this new family a chance to be loved and cared for as he deserves.


Please join us in praying for these new families, as well as for the adjustments it takes to be successful as an adoptive family. We praise God that there are good people in Guatemala willing to adopt our kids and create new forever families. Also be praying for the health and well-being of the children who have recently come to our home.


*NOTE: International adoptions in Guatemala closed in 2008.