Come to Guatemala to Make Christmas Special for Orphans

Come to Guatemala to Make Christmas Special for Orphans

Jonathan Celebrates Christmas at Dorie's Promise

Do you remember the first Christmas you ever had? The wonder you felt in that moment? It’s hard to remember back to when you celebrated that first Christmas.

The gifts, the food, your family — everything that makes that moment special.

Jonathan Celebrates Christmas at Dorie's PromiseThat wasn’t the case with Jonathan. Jonathan came to Dorie’s Promise in mid-2010 at age 8. While he was with his family, he never understood what Christmas was about. All the fireworks (a tradition in Guatemala), all the gifts … he never had any of that. Christmas was just another day.

He could sense that something was going on — but was never a part of it.

Then came that first Christmas Jonathan spent at Dorie’s Promise. He couldn’t believe all the excitement. He got a remote control car. He spent the day playing with the other kids. You could see the wonder in his eyes and on his face. He was joyous.

During that day, our special moms cooked tamales and made ponche (a traditional fruit-based hot beverage), filling the air around the house with good festive smells.

There was a mission team with us during that time getting ready for a night of special surprises for the kids. When the sun went down, the mission team cracked open the fireworks. All the children were really excited, but no one was as excited as Jonathan. It was his first time being part of the festivities, being part of a family celebrating Christmas, having a big feast on the table.

 Celebrating Christmas at Dorie's PromiseIt is hard to describe the moment. How do you explain the feelings of joy and excitement from an eight-year-old kid experiencing it for the first time? It was a wonder to behold how fascinated he was with everything — the food, the gifts, the fireworks. Most of all, it was really special to see how he was a part of everything going on around him.

A lot of our kids haven’t yet experienced a Christmas celebration. For some this year will be their first, and we want them to have the same opportunity to experience it fully like Jonathan did. All the fun, all the love, and all the joy that come from being with family during Christmas.

Wouldn’t you like to be part of that special moment?

We want you to know the joy of making Christmas real for an orphan in need, to experience a new type of Christmas. At the same time, you will also be helping make a life forever changed.

We have mission trips all throughout the year, including the holidays. You are invited to join us for a very special Christmas celebration at Dorie’s Promise. Bring the kids and show them the heart behind the true Christmas story. As that cherished Christmas song says…

“Go, tell it on the mountain,
Over the hills and everywhere
Go, tell it on the mountain,
That Jesus Christ is born.”

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