Clean the World

Clean the World

By Alejandra Diaz-

For the first time Mar. 12-14, we hosted a team from Orlando-based Clean the World. This non-profit organization collects bars of soap discarded daily by hotels before sterilizing and processing them into high-quality new bars.

This recycled soap is distributed to shelters and poor areas of the world where people need it. The Clean the World Foundation estimates it prevents one million deaths a year that otherwise would have occurred from hygiene-related illnesses.

While staying here, the six-member team distributed 12,900 bars of soap in Guatemala City and surrounding areas over a two-day period.

Among the facilities the group visited: a state-sponsored orphanage with 800 children. There they went to various classrooms to teach children about the importance of hand washing.

One member played a super hero while another acted out the role of a germ, with this drama presentation implemented at other sites. Children also sang a song about hand washing to the tune of “La Bamba.”

Our visitors came away impressed with Dorie’s Promise. So did soap drive coordinator Rosa Kingston in Orlando. “The organization is amazing,” she says. “The staff is so welcoming, warm and helpful.”

Volunteer Nick Kellock of Charlotte, North Carolina, agrees. He complimented our orphanage’s work as “outstanding.”

“It is incredible for me to see how they have been able to look out for these children, giving them a better life than they clearly had before,” Kellock says. “I am looking for the opportunity to spread the word about the great work that is being done here.”

Canadian resident Lois Helfling says she had the most amazing experience, going from the lifestyle she has known to one that children in Guatemala experience. She says knowing that the kids are going to be more conscious of hygiene and the difference a small kit of soap can make to them leaves her feeling good.

“It is an amazing effort,” Lois says. “The smiles on the children’s fades and the warm way we were received when we got here, which continued throughout our visit, was fantastic.”

We were thrilled to host Clean the World, which will send another team here in April. While they weren’t the first non-profit to distribute hygiene supplies here, we were pleased to connect with another group. They found us on the Internet while researching for a partnering organization.

One of the most exciting things is seeing awareness of Dorie’s Promise spreading. We had set a goal of hosting 300 mission volunteers during 2012. However, after reaching that number in our schedule during February, we increased that goal to 400.

If you are new to the Dorie’s Promise site and searching for a meaningful way to make a significant contribution in the lives of children, contact us today about taking a mission trip to Guatemala.