Chelsea Enters Sponsorship Program

Chelsea Enters Sponsorship Program

December 2010

By Bradley Burck –

Chelsea has entered our child sponsorship program.  Tell people you know.  This little girl needs some sponsors to stand up for her and help take care of her.  Share her story, video, and pictures with people.

Here is a little about her:

Birthday:  07/12/2007

Entered Dorie’s Promise: 07/16/2007

Chelsea came to Dorie’s Promise through the Promise of Life Program (a former program of Dorie’s Promise). Unable to properly care for her, her biological mother wanted to give her the opportunity to have an adoptive family who could provide for her. Chelsea has an adoptive family that is waiting for the process to be finalized.

Chelsea is a happy child who likes to lead others. She enjoys playing in the backyard with her other friends. She is a sweet girl who has built a special relationship with Estefania, another little girl at Dorie’s Promise.  She loves to do crafts — especially painting! If she is not doing an art project you will see her walking around holding her purse and phone. Since she likes to be active, you will hardly ever find her sitting still. Her favorite board game is “Memory.”

See her video:

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