Maria de la Angeles Enters Sponsorship Program

Maria de la Angeles Enters Sponsorship Program

MAY 2011

By Bradley Burck –

Maria's biological parents brought her to the hospital since she was very sick. During that time, a social worker started to analyze her case. A court ordered her temporarily removed from the home while they investigated whether her sickness stemmed partially from neglect. It’s not often that you don’t see Maria de los Angeles smiling. Special Mothers describes her as one of the happiest babies. She is also smart and starting to recognize things. Maria de los Angeles will only make a fuss if her daily routine gets interrupted.

One of Maria de los Angeles’ favorite things is to play with toys, such as her rattlers. She is at a stage where everything fascinates her. Every morning you will find her sucking her toes. Maria loves to be active, whether that means playing, sitting in the baby swing, or using the baby walker.

See her video:

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