Caring for Maria

Caring for Maria

By Pablo Villagran-

Like so many in our midst, the story of Maria de la Luz has tragic beginnings, but after a year with us she is a much happier child.

Her journey to Dorie’s Promise, where she arrived last July, starts at the hospital where her birth mother abandoned her.

The court sent Maria to us because another home was full. We don’t know much more about her background because a court hearing on her status has yet to be held.

Yet we know she has deep-seated emotional needs. When Maria arrived she often didn’t sleep much at night and cried constantly during the day.

There came a time when she no longer wanted to take her bottle, says Imelda, the Special Mother who watches her most of the time. When Imelda saw that, she prayed and asked God to bless the tiny infant and talk to her soul and spirit.

“From that moment on, she started to be a happy baby,” the Special Mother recalls. “I think she had been in incredible pain because of her parents abandoning her and needed to let it go. I have been able to see how God works in Maria’s life.”

Today, Imelda reports that Maria wants to receive love and give it as well. When Maria goes out of the house, she tries to attraction attention from other children.

A beautiful little girl, she loves to play with dolls and small toys; she also likes to walk. She is starting to talk and responds verbally when she watches television.

“She dances too,” Imelda says. “She likes to see me smiling all the time. She can sit up by herself now and stand up, too. I have seen a lot of progress in her development.”

Maria is one of the children whose support comes from the faithful sponsors who help provide the tender—but expensive—care that we offer to our children.

Her current sponsors only provide 55 percent of the cost for her round-the-clock care, nutritious food and other benefits we provide.

Looking to the future, there is no telling whether the court will ever find adoptive parents willing to care for Maria.

And, while it will be awhile before she can fully communicate with her sponsors through e-mail, notes and personal visits, those who sign up to help sponsor this precious little girl will know the joy of helping her overcome a dreadful start in life.

Although it will be from a distance, sponsors can know the same kind of joy that her Special Mother feels.

“God has a plan for every life,” Imelda says. “I can say without a doubt that God opened the doors of Dorie’s Promise to Maria because He loves her. I know that God has a great plan for my baby’s life. I feel that He has set her free and that she will become a blessing to many people.”

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