Brothers Benefit

Brothers Benefit

By Alejandra Diaz-

Last week Heather Radu wrote about the significance people can make in a child’s life by taking a mission trip to help the kids at Dorie’s Promise and others in the community.

In addition, those who want to make a difference on a continuing basis throughout the year can help sponsor one of our residents.

While supporters typically send $35 a month, a child’s full support requires more.

Two children in need of additional sponsors are Jonathan Mejia, age 9, and his brother, Gerson, who is 4.

Jonathan has lived here for more than two years. After suffering physical abuse, a social worker asked a minor’s court judge to send him to an orphanage while authorities investigated his home situation.

Six months later, the judge determined that Gerson was also at risk and asked Dorie’s Promise to accept him so he could be reunited with Jonathan.

Working with Jonathan has posed a challenge because of improper discipline, limited education, and the way his parents used him to resolve difficulties.

However, through therapy and special care, we have seen major changes in his behavior. During his first year, Jonathan received psychological therapy at the Pediatric Foundation. In 2011 we secured a special therapist who has worked with him on a weekly basis.

In addition, after progressing in his studies, Jonathan is in third grade—a bit behind normal, but he is catching up. He smiles more often after receiving gifts from sponsors and mission teams, a delight he had never known.

Gerson just started preschool and is doing well. He has also received the special medical and dental care that he needed.

These achievements have come at what sometimes seems like a snail’s pace. Yet today we see two normal little boys maturing.

Jonathan loves playing soccer, running, and watching TV. Gerson loves playing with other little children his age.

When people become sponsors, they bring new light and smiles to the faces of children like Jonathan and Gerson. However, it is not just the monetary support that matters.

When the kids at Dorie’s Promise receive gifts and personal notes from sponsors, nothing can compare to watching the joy on their faces.

When sponsoring a child, you also commit to pray for this boy or girl. Working with them as I do, I am certain that because of prayer Jonathan and Gerson are able to open their hearts to receive and give love.

They have also learned that there are other ways to solve problems than resorting to violence.

You may think of such steps as small or insignificant compared to the rest of the world. But in these brothers’ world, they are huge.