Birthday donations

Birthday donations

By Pablo Villagran-

Birthday parties are a special occasion for any child, but former resident Maria Jabin marked her happy day recently with a unique twist.

In place of gifts to Maria, who just turned seven, her friends made donations to Dorie’s Promise.

“She also asked her friends to bring princess costumes or accessories for the little girls at Dorie’s Promise,” says her mother, Kay. “We sent them to Guatemala, along with some gifts for the Special Mothers.

“We included pictures and a letter that our oldest daughter wrote in Spanish, updating them on Maria and how she is doing here in the United States.”

Maria is the youngest of six children the couple are raising; five are adopted. They first adopted Vanya from Bulgaria in 1995 through All God’s Children International (AGCI.) That process brought them in touch with our founder, Heather Radu.

Part of a large group of families from Cincinnati, Ohio who adopted through AGCI, the Jabins helped organize reunion picnics and hosted Bulgarians during visits to America. After adopting Vanya, the Jabins adopted three boys through the foster care system in Ohio.

“In 2004 we decided to adopt through AGCI again,” Kay says. “Their program in Guatemala was running well and we were interested in adopting an infant.”

Aside from their oldest, (natural) daughter, Rebekah, all of their other children were three or four years old when they joined the family.

So, the Jabins looked forward to welcoming another infant. They completed their paperwork in Guatemala and secured approval in the winter of 2005.

Throughout this period, the Jabins had been praying for “Baby Maria” even though they had no idea how long it would take before they got another child.

In the spring of 2005, Tim and Rebekah spent a week here helping to paint, move furniture, and spend time caring for and playing with the children.

A few days after returning home, the Jabins received an e-mail from AGCI, saying they needed a family to accept a referral for a baby girl who could potentially have a health problem.

“When we received the e-mail we quickly realized that Rebekah had spent almost an entire day with this baby,” Kay recalls.

“We had literally been looking at some pictures of our daughter holding Maria when we received the e-mail. We couldn’t help thinking that some kind of divine intervention was taking place.”

The Jabins responded immediately with a “yes.” As it turned out, Maria never developed a health condition. Tim and Kay call that a sign that God simply wanted this little girl in their family.

In the summer of 2011, Rebekah returned to Dorie’s Promise with a couple of college friends on a mission trip.

During their visit, Rebekah was able to do morning devotions with the Special Mothers who had cared for Maria.

“The Special Mothers told her that one thing that made them sad was not hearing from adoptive families and about how the children were doing after they left the orphanage,” Kay says.

However, in this case the story is known—and what a happy one!