Beyond Dorie’s Promise: An Update on Jonathan

Beyond Dorie’s Promise: An Update on Jonathan

Jonathan and his brother Gerson at Dorie's Promise in 20111

Jonathan and his brother Gerson at Dorie’s Promise in 20111

By MJ Zelya –

Jonathan at a recent school ceremony.

Jonathan at a recent school ceremony.

One of the things I love about my job is seeing God move through situations or people that enter our lives for an unseen reason or purpose. Seeing a positive change in others’ lives helps you keep going — not stopping — to daily improve and develop a better version of yourself.

When we receive children who come from abuse or neglect, our hearts hurt knowing their physical and emotional status, but we know they come with a purpose! Dorie’s Promise has the chance to help transform their lives in every aspect!

That happened with Jonathan … perhaps you remember him. He entered Dorie’s Promise in 2009 and stayed two years. He was sent by a court order from the hospital because he had third-degree burns on his hands from his biological mother. At his young age, he was abused physically and emotionally. At the time we could not imagine the lack of parenting and love that would lead to long-lasting scars on this beautiful child’s life.

Toward the beginning, Jonathan was shy and would have regular behavioral outbursts. His heart was filled with anger — toward his old life and his mother.

After working with a psychologist, we noticed he was changing … he learned to forgive his mother — God was giving him a new opportunity to start afresh, leave the past behind, and focus on his future.

Jonathan in 2011

Jonathan at Dorie’s Promise in 2011.

After two years of therapy, he was ready to go back home. The minors’ court decided he should be reunited with his mother in 2012 — after she went through parenting school and psychological help as well. His mom learned her lesson, and Jonathan learned to believe in God, and also in himself.

We continue supporting Jonathan and his brother Gerson, with a scholarship and school supplies. They visit us and play with the children. He has grown a lot — this year he started middle school and is very responsible, with excellent grades!

We are thankful that God let us be part of his life and the process of change. We are so proud of him and what he has accomplished!

We also thank YOU for your support … Please continue praying for our ministry and for all of our children’s lives to be forever changed!