Another Happy Ending

Another Happy Ending

By Pablo Villagran-

This week marks the conclusion of one of the happiest stories we have seen at Dorie’s Promise. It isn’t the adoption of a child, or even a big donation, but the return of brothers Jonathan, 9, and Gerson, 5, to their birth mother.

Gerson was able to return home in mid-August and with Jonathan finishing his school year he will be going home in the next few days.

The judge who first decided to remove them from their home decided that their mother had made sufficient progress in dealing with her personal problems. Since the hearing in August, Jonathan had been visiting his home most weekends.

Fortunately, court officials are to follow-up in this case to make sure the mother is fulfilling all her requirements and adequately caring for her sons. (Their father has died.)

After shuttling through temporary custody for awhile, Jonathan and Gerson came to live with us in July of 2010. While are delighted to see them going back to their mother, although we will miss them a lot.

Many mission teams and other people who came during the past two years got to know them, and we are sure they will miss them as well.

The boys’ teacher, Claudia Roncal, says the effort to reintegrate them with their natural family began six months ago.

She says the Dorie’s Promise staff assisted in this process by offering psychological and spiritual support for their mother.

Jonathan had more issues with rejection and memories of abusive behavior than his younger brother, since Gerson didn’t witness as much violence in their home, she adds.

“Jonathan came here with a deep aggression caused by his mother,” Claudia says. “The wound in his heart stemmed from his relationship with her. We worked with his mother for two hours on a number on Saturdays. Basically, it was a process of showing them how to play, talk and forgive.

“Because Gerson is younger, he wasn’t exposed to as much violence as Jonathan was. And, since he saw a lot of kids at the home leaving with their adoptive parents, he was very open to the idea of going back with his mother.”

Finally, when the day came that the judge declared the two boys could return home, Claudia says everyone experienced a range of emotions.

Although the judge said they could return home immediately, their teacher reached an agreement with Jonathan’s mother to allow him to stay with Dorie’s Promise until he finished the school year.

“I have seen his mother learning—after three years of being apart from her son—learning how to be a mother again,” Claudia says. “She is letting go of the past, too. Through all of this, we have seen how Jonathan is a wonderful child who was just desperate to be accepted by his mother.”

While this story has a happy ending, not all children living at Dorie’s Promise experience such an outcome. Some will remain with us throughout their adolescence. If you want to help children like Jonathan and Gerson, sign up for our sponsor program click here.