Announcing Dorie’s Promise

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Thank you for joining us today to celebrate the life of the amazing woman that inspired me to take my first trip to Romania when I was just eighteen.

I think we all can remember back to special people in our lives that have inspired us to follow God’s will. As God allowed us to watch their steps of faith, He gave us the courage to take our own!

Heather and Dorie

Dorie Van Stone was and will always be that extraordinary person in my life!

Dorie was left by her mother in an orphanage in San Francisco at the age of five. She endured years of abuse while living in a place that without the touch of God’s amazing grace would have created lifelong scars in her life. She went on to enter a foster home by time she was a young teen-only to endure further abuse at the hands of people that were suppose to love and care for her.

Dorie’s story is one of heartbreak and hope. Dorie’s love for the Lord is evident in how she has so faithfully served in Him in ministry through many life changing ministries over the last sixty years of her life.

As a missionary and author, she has been ministering around the world behind orphanage doors and prison walls, and as an inspirational conference speaker.

Dorie continues to share from personal experience how God can heal our hurts and be our hope in impossible situations. She has authored three books about her life as an orphan. These great books show how God healed her heart.

I encourage you to read her books. You will be moved to tears and inspired to help those in need.

So… it is with much excitement that we share with you our home’s new name today….

The home will now be known as…

“Dorie’s Promise” Guatemala!

We are still in the same location, our staff and team are the same, and the children we care for are the same kids you know and love so much!

The only thing different is our name. But really, it’s not so different after all, because Dorie has been a part of our lives in Guatemala from the very beginning, so rejoice together with us as we celebrate our new name and honor a wonderful amazing woman of God who has was once an orphan herself, and who has now reached out to orphans and those in need for more than 60 years.

To find out more about what’s going on in Guatemala and find out how you can give to help the children living at “Dorie’s Promise”, please visit

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