One Year Since They Arrived

One Year Since They Arrived

By Alejandra Diaz-

One of the more stirring success stories at Dorie’s Promise is the Najera Cinto siblings. These five children were all reunited last year when now 14-year-old Mirna came to live at our home. She joined her three younger sisters—Ingrid, Ana and Maria—and baby brother Abraham, who have been here for almost two years.

I clearly remember the day the first four arrived. While that picture will stay in my mind for a long time, what will remain forever is the blessings God prepared by guiding them here. One year later, Mirna joined them even though we usually only accept children u to age 12. However, because her brother and sisters were here, we made an exception. Having an adolescent at Dorie’s Promise has proved to be both challenging and rewarding.

Mirna is a happy girl who wants to discover the whole world. Sweet and innocent, after she arrived we realized that didn’t know how to read or write.

Despite this shortcoming, Mirna is learning quickly. Therapy has helped her overcome past difficulties and to learn to communicate with others.

Her sister, Ingrid, is also sweet and innocent, wearing a big smile each day. She, too, had never studied but on the first day of school she demonstrated that she was eager to learn. Ingrid is dedicated in everything she does and loves taking care of the little ones.

I still remember how hard she hugged her brother the day they arrived at Dorie’s Promise, like a mother trying to protect her baby. Ingrid is like that with all her siblings, including Mirna.

A normal eight-year-old girl, Ana is smart, sweet and funny. She loves to sing, dance and play, and has an abundance of energy. When Ana started school last year we quickly realized that it was her first year of studies. Yet she progressed so fast that it seemed Ana was an educational veteran.

This year she enrolled at El Shaddai Christian School, part of the evangelical church that has formed an alliance with us. We are sure Ana will take advantage of this great opportunity.

Fortunately, as the youngest Maria and Abraham had not suffered as much as their sisters. Still, they look much healthier and happier than on the day they arrived.

Mirna, Ingrid, and Abraham in June 2011Without question, love produces miracles. The care provided by our Special Mothers and other staff members helps overcome many of our children’s past abuse and neglect. They deserve to be happy.

Our commitment is to help not only these five siblings, but every child who comes to Dorie’s Promise find that happiness. Each one is an opportunity to do what God called us to do: provide for the needs of the hungry, thirsty and homeless.

Picture 1: All five siblings in May of 2011

Picture 2: Ingrid, Ana, Maria, and Abraham in Dec 2010

Picture 3: Mirna, Ingrid and Abraham June 2011