An Amazing Week of Seeing God Move!

An Amazing Week of Seeing God Move!

Mission Trip to Dorie's Promise GuatemalaWe just returned from our second trip as a family to Dorie’s! We had an amazing week of seeing God move! I just wanted to send some encouragement along to you about something wonderful things that happened…

Pablo: Our days began with beautiful praise, worship and prayer followed by devotions. Each day was like a fresh breeze of the Holy Spirit. What a blessing to witness such a love for Christ from a young man! Pablo’s leadership skills were amazing, to organize 30 people is no easy task yet he did it seamlessly! Each place we visited the directions were clear and the work was completed because of the way it had been set up ahead of time. As an organized person this really stood out to me! The teens in our group were so inspired by his love for Christ, we won’t ever be the same after this week! Lastly, the love that he has for the kids at Dorie’s is touching! It was a true blessing to see the love he has for the children and for the children boys, and girls to have such a role model in their lives!

Missions Trip to Dorie's PromiseAbel: Abel was a joy to work side by side with at Dorie’s as well as each service project. The relationships he has developed in these new communities was a beautiful thing…he shares God’s love with the Guatemalan people so clearly which in turn helps us as a team to follow! He is a very hard worker from mixing concrete for hours to playing soccer with the kids at Paradise and the park we visited, we are so impressed with this godly man! What an amazing mentor for Pablo, they worked SO well together as a team!

Jessica: We watched Jessica grow as we were there, still grieving the loss of her Dad, she planned activities for us as a team to do at each place we visited! She seems like a good fit for the team at Dorie’s! Her sweet Mom cooked all of us a delicious meal in celebration!

Mission Trip to Dorie's Promise GuatemalaSpecial Mom’s: WOW! What a blessing to get to know them better this year! It was an inspiration to see them gently correct the kids and love them through whatever the circumstance! They are truly the heart of the orphanage, it’s amazing to me how they love the children as if their very own!

Amazing Children: The kids are so happy and healthy, their English has greatly improved over this past year! What a blessing to see their big smiles and such love to pass around!

Thank you so much for all of the love you show and work you do to support Dorie’s! It has been a blessing for our family to serve there and look forward to returning soon!

Love, Debi (Kevin, Sarah and Joshua too)