All About Abraham

All About Abraham

By Pablo Villagran-

The story of two-year-old Abraham, who came to us a sickly child, today shows signs of remarkable improvement and is among the continuing series of miracles at Dorie’s Promise.

In Abraham’s case, recent quick action by our staff literally saved his life. He suffered  from bronchitis when he arrived as an infant, but Dr. Francisco Castro helped him cope with the disease.

Despite this help, Abraham continued experiencing various health problems since arriving with three of his sisters.

One night several weeks ago, his Special Mother realized he was having trouble breathing and contacted Dr. Castro, who came quickly to help.

Dr. Castro recognized that Abraham’s breathing problems, coupled with a high fever, signaled a serious case of pneumonia. He used our oxygen unit to help provide relief and then had the boy transported to a private hospital.

Not only did Abraham survive, he is showing incredible improvements in many areas. Today he is beginning to speak some words, eats by himself, is mobile, and demonstrates a free spirit and curiosity toward the world.

“He is one of the easiest kids to play with and interact with because he is very secure about himself,” says Special Mother Lucia.

“He knows how to make you laugh. He is always smiling and spreading his happiness to everyone that is close to him.”

Another of his Special Mothers, Mahaly, says Abraham loves to copy everything he sees and is a peaceful child who doesn’t like it when others argue. He already shows signs of faith; whenever he sees her with a tray of food, he says “amen” repeatedly.

“He also puts his hands together and says, ‘Amen, Jesus,’ whenever we sing,” Mahaly says. “He loves to participate in our morning devotionals. Abraham has good pronunciation skills and already knows how to say his name and his friends’ names.”

This precious little boy has many favorites, too. He especially likes fruit yogurt, the color red, and milk.

Among his favorite activities is playing ball. Abraham also likes to jump, run, dance, sing and paint. Just playing a small role in giving this delightful boy the chance to engage in the joys of childhood is one of the intrinsic rewards of working here.

Participants in our sponsor program are also creating a life of possibilities for this energetic youth. Their monthly donations help provide him with a home, food, education, health care, medicine and (most importantly) spiritual development.

Abraham needs nine more sponsors at just $35 each to reach full funding for his care. Many other children at Dorie’s Promise also need additional sponsor assistance; we are at 73 percent of the commitments we need. In order to reach out to more children in Guatemala we need to be at 100 percent.

If saving lives—on more than one level—appeals to you, click here for more information or to sign up to become a sponsor.