Our History at Forever Changed starts with Founder, Heather Radu leaving home at the age of 18 to begin studying abroad in Europe. During a side trip to Romania, she made her first visit to an orphanage. Seeing the suffering children of that war-torn country changed her. Rows of cribs held infants who cried incessantly for someone to hold them. The smell of the overcrowded, unsanitary government orphanages overwhelmed her. She watched the beleaguered staff as they struggled to care for the children. The direction of her life became clear. “I am here to help. If I can make a difference, why wouldn’t I?” After this trip, Heather’s family would take their first step toward orphan care, making the life-changing decision to adopt Heather’s younger sister Hannah from Romania.

The ripple effect was just beginning. As she returned home with Hannah, Heather was interviewed by a reporter: “Would you help other people do this?” Her calling was clear, and Heather dedicated her life to serving orphans. Together with her parents, Ron and Jan Beazely, Heather co-founded All God’s Children International, an adoption and orphan care ministry that has successfully united more than 3,000 children with their forever families. Throughout the 1990’s she traveled throughout Romania and Bulgaria developing orphan care programs and facilitating adoptions.



Heather traveled to Guatemala City in June of 2000 to establish an International adoption program.  At that time, International adoptions were uniting thousands of Guatemalan children each year with American families. She saw an opportunity to do something she was never able to accomplish in her many years working in Eastern Europe; open a private Orphan Care Home.   More than 400 children called Dorie’s Promise their home and were united with families throughout the United States.

International adoptions in Guatemala closed in 2008, leaving Dorie’s Promise without a primary source of funding. Heather established Forever Changed International as an Orphan Care ministry in the fall of 2009 in order to continue to care for the children of Dorie’s Promise.  Through child sponsorship, donors, and short-term mission trips, the financial needs of Dorie’s Promise continued to be met.


2010 - Present

We have experienced amazing transformations over past decade. Once filled with cribs and babies, our home is now a place where children and teenagers are growing and taking steps towards adulthood. As our children have grown, so has our staff. We’ve added teachers and a counselor on-site to offer support with the pressures of school and adolescence. We are committed to helping each child achieve their personal best.

Heather’s vision for a home where children are loved, supported, and given opportunities to become successful adults is becoming a reality. In 2016, we watched as our first child graduated high school and entered college in the United States. A decade ago we couldn’t imagine that moment. Now, we are rejoicing as we watch her mature into the young woman she was destined to become. Daily, we are amazed by the transformations our children.

Throughout the years, God has always provided for our needs, never allowing us to go into debt. We envision a day when 80 children live in our home, doubling the number currently in our care. Our hearts have room for more children. Through the support of our faithful donors and sponsors, we believe the day will come when we own our homes and all of our children are fully sponsored. Until that day, we proceed in faith, knowing that God has a plan for each of the mazing children in our care.

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