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FAQ on Dorie’s Promise and Forever Changed International

What is Dorie’s Promise Guatemala?

Dorie’s Promise Guatemala is an orphanage run by Forever Changed International. Heather Radu founded Forever Changed International in 2009, as an extension of her two decades working with orphans worldwide.

Our vision is to meet the needs of the most vulnerable children in the world. We work to provide a place for these orphans to find a loving home. Dorie’s Promise Guatemala is our first orphanage, and we look forward to expanding into other countries as the Lord leads in the future.

Every gift you give to our ministry goes toward improving the lives of children who would otherwise have no other hope. Please consider sponsoring a child today!

Our goal

Our goal is to see Dorie’s Promise Guatemala fully funded by monthly sponsors.  To do that, we want every child to be sponsored at 120 percent.  Why 120 percent? In order to take in new children, we need to have resources readily available to accept them into our home.

Where is it located?

Dorie’s Promise Guatemala
15 Ave "A" 12-27
Oakland Casa #2
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Zone 10

Dorie’s Promise Phone: (502) 2417-2300 (Answered in Spanish)

How can I help the children of Dorie’s Promise Guatemala?

Many children in Guatemala live below the poverty line. Your gift to Dorie’s Promise Guatemala will change the lives of the most vulnerable of those children—orphans. You have the opportunity to lift a child out of poverty and into a loving home where all their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs will be met!

Why should I sponsor a child at Dorie’s Promise?

The children living at Dorie’s Promise need the help of people from around the world to not only survive but to grow and thrive.  Your sponsorship does more than just provide them with the basics of life - food and shelter.  Your sponsorship fills their life with love, hope, education, and care.   

Dorie’s Promise is run on the donations of friends who love the children living there.  Right now - the home is sustained by some friends who are underwriting the amount we don’t raise in monthly sponsorship. 

Our goal in the next 12 months is to have every child at Dorie’s Promise sponsored 120 percent so that the home is run on the support of monthly sponsors.  This is the most stable and secure way to support Dorie’s Promise and we are working hard to make 100 percent sponsorship a reality.

How important is prayer in sponsorship? 

The most important support you can provide for our children is prayer support. We know that God moves through the prayer of his people, so we consider prayer to be an essential element of our support network.

Please pray for your child’s health, safety, education and spiritual development. Feel free to involve your family, church and friends in prayer for your child.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child? 

The total cost of child sponsorship at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala is $750 per child per month.  Children in the international adoption process have a monthly sponsorship rate of $1,000 because of the costs associated with the process.

What is the minimum amount that can be pledged to sponsor a child?

The minimum amount to sponsor a child is $35 a month.  If you can’t afford to become a monthly child sponsor, we encourage everyone to sponsor our home at any amount they would like to give.  Sponsoring our home can be done by visiting our give today page.

Can I sponsor more than one child?

Yes, sponsor as many children as you like.  The minimum sponsorship is $35 a month per child.

Can I split my $35 a month commitment between multiple children?

The minimum commitment per child is $35 a month.

Why does it cost more to sponsor a child at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala than most other organizations? 

Sponsoring a child at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala is different than sponsoring a child at most other organizations.  Why?  Because we own our home.  The children live there 24 hours a day - 7days a week.  They are truly orphans living in an orphan home.  Many of these children will live at Dorie’s Promise until they are 18.

As stated above, the standard of care at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala is significantly higher than almost any other orphanage in the world.  Our children receive the kind of care any parent would want for their own children: a safe, nurturing environment, healthy, well-balanced, delicious meals, as well as safe and well-maintained facilities. We have trained staff onsite 24 hours a day as well as a physician and a psychologist onsite. 

We make sure every child gets a solid eduction from their very early years though High School.  We also plan special events for our children, such as ‘Splash Day,’ and provide toys to help the children exercise their imaginations.

Most sponsorship programs give you the opportunity to sponsor a child living a subsistent lifestyle, living in a poorly run private or government orphanage, or living in a community.  Sponsoring a child at Dorie’s Promise is a very different kind of sponsorship.  You are investing in life change at Dorie’s Promise.  You are reaching out and giving truly orphaned children more than just a roof over their head and a little education. 

When you sponsor a child at Dorie’s Promise, you are giving life and investing in the future of a child.

Will I be the only person sponsoring the child I’m helping? 

At Forever Changed International we strive to raise our children with the same standard of living as a child you would raise in your home. It takes $750 per month to maintain these standards so most children need more than one sponsor. The quality of life we can provide for our children is, as a result, excellent.

The minimum amount of sponsorship is $35 a month.  Most people get their friends and family together and work to fully sponsor one child.

If I need to discontinue my child sponsorship, what happens to the child I’m helping? 

Financial hardship can strike anyone. If you need to discontinue your child sponsorship, we will pursue every available avenue in order to replace your contribution. We ask that you help us in that process.  We would also ask that, even though you cannot contribute financially, please continue praying for the child you sponsored! 

What is the child/worker ratio at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala?

Unlike many orphanages, we have been blessed with the resources to maintain a 4 to 1 child/worker ratio at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. This means that our ‘Special Moms’ are able to devote individual attention to each of our children, which provides a tremendously nurturing environment. Our goal is to make sure that each child knows he or she is loved, not just by our words, but through our actions as well.

Will I get to know my sponsored child?

We realize you want to stay in touch with your Forever Friend, and we agree! Each letter you send will show your child that he or she is truly valuable and worthy of love. And if you really want to get to know your new friend, we would encourage you to consider a mission trip to Dorie’s Promise Guatemala!  Come and visit.  There is no better way to bond with your child!

Can I communicate with my sponsored child?

Yes.  You can email your child as often as you like.  You can also send mail directly to our home in Guatemala City.

Child Sponsorship Director
Dorie’s Promise Guatemala
15 Ave "A" 12-27
Oakland Casa #2
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Zone 10

NOTE: Because of our small administrative team, please DO NOT expect a response from your child.  Managing individual responses could overwhelm us.  We will make sure your communication is read to your child in Spanish.

Is there anything I should not send to my sponsored child? 

Please do not send anything to your child which might be offensive to Guatemalan culture. Also, do not send your child anything that might be harmful to them physically, mentally, or spiritually. Do not send any material that advocates anything but Christianity.

How long should my child sponsorship last? 

Many children who have come through Dorie’s Promise Guatemala were sponsored and subsequently adopted. However, in 2007 adoptions closed in Guatemala. The children will need your support right up until the time they become adults. We would love to have you support your child for as long as you can.

Do you have any other orphanages?

At this time we only have one orphanage, and that is the one operating in Guatemala. We have a heart for children all over the world, though, and we pray that we will one day have the opportunity to expand.

What is the history of Dorie’s Promise Guatemala? 

In 2000, Heather Radu visited Guatemala with a heart for helping orphans find a home. Having already worked with orphans and orphanages around the world, Heather recognized right away that there was a great need in Guatemala. Soon after she began Hannah’s Hope Guatemala, which became Dorie’s Promise Guatemala in 2009.

To date, more than 400 children have been adopted through Dorie’s Promise Guatemala, and over 30 children call it home today.

Is Dorie’s Promise Guatemala affiliated with any church or denomination? 

Dorie’s Promise Guatemala is not affiliated with a specific denomination.

Is my support of Dorie’s and gifts, tax-deductible? 

Yes. All contributions to Dorie’s Promise Guatemala are tax-deductible in the United States.  You will receive a reciept for each gift you give.

What happens if the child I sponsor leaves Dorie’s Promise?

There may be an instance where your child may leave Dorie’s Promise.  If that happens, you will be notified via email.  We will work with you to transfer your sponsorship to another child in our home.  We will also work to keep you informed about the location of the child you were sponsoring.

Where do I send my gifts?

Send your gifts to Forever Changed International at:

Child Sponsorship Director
Dorie’s Promise Guatemala
15 Ave "A" 12-27
Oakland Casa #2

Guatemala City, Guatemala
Zone 10

NOTE: Because of our small team, please DO NOT expect a response from your child.

How is Forever Changed International connected to Dorie’s Promise?

Forever Changed International is a nonprofit organization in the United States that raises money for Dorie’s Promise and provides leadership, direction, and management for Dorie’s Promise Guatemala.  Forever Changed International is operated by Heather Radu.  Heather is also the legal representative and President of Dorie’s Promise Guatemala.

How much money from the coffee sales goes to Dorie’s Promise?

$10 per bag goes to Dorie’s Promise Guatemala.

Why are your hard costs for the coffee $15 per bag?

El Injerto beans are not easy to get. As a result, they cost a lot of money to import. We only purchased a small amount of beans so that we could see how well they would sell. Therefore, our costs per bag are much higher than what we would pay in the store. That $15 also includes all the packaging and shipping costs, which range from $6 to $8, depending on the order.