Abigail Enters Sponsorship Program

Abigail Enters Sponsorship Program

By Bradly Burck –

Sponsor AbigailAbigail has entered our child sponsorship program.  Tell people you know.  This little girl needs some sponsors to stand up for her and help take care of her.  Share her story, video, and pictures with people. 

Here is a little about her:

Background:  The Guatemalan police took Abigail to the hospital after being left with neighbors because her mother was at the hospital, giving birth to another baby. During Abigail’s stay, the neighbors realized she was very sick. Since Abigail’s birth certificate was not registered with RENAP, an agency in Guatemala, the neighbors could not take her to the hospital. Currently, the court is investigating to learn more about the conditions in which she lived.

Entered Dorie's Promise: 04/07/2011

Description: Not only does Abigail enjoy eating all kinds of food, she has a sweet personality that draws everyone. While a little delayed in her development due to past neglect, that hasn’t slowed her socialization. She loves to learn and interact with other children and the Special Mothers.

Favorite Things: Abigail loves activity, whether she is walking from toy to toy or simply playing with her Special Mother. Her favorite toy is her doll. She likes brushing her hair and having a special “thing” in her hand all the time.

Birthday: 10/30/2009

Watch her video now:


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