A Glimpse of Jesus

A Glimpse of Jesus

By Pablo Villagran-

Those who doubt that young people are industrious and talented should have been here in mid-June, when a group of teens—most of them from Michigan—took on several mission projects.

The group installed eight pilas (water stations) in the dump ghetto, distributed hundreds of relief bags, and organized donations totaling thousands of diapers and dozens of bags of clothing.

Board member and veteran missionary Cinda Rachor led the team, which included 18 teens and 3 adults.

Several on these recent high school graduates had witnessed the impact a mission trip to Dorie’s Promise can have, Cinda says. Her second-oldest son, Noah, had heard about the power of the experience from his older brother, Steven.

“Noah’s friends approached my husband and me and asked us to take them, too,” she says. “Once the kids expressed the desire, the trip gained momentum.

“Kids are actually ‘forever changed’ by these trips. We get to see the power of God through interaction with people in the surrounding communities, and we are humbled by the love and appreciation showered upon us.”

Three team members who had never been to Guatemala before say they not only enjoyed the trip, it will change their life now that they’re back home.

“The highlight for me was spending my 17th birthday at Dorie’s Promise,” says Emily McIntosh. “It was rewarding to serve others on my birthday instead of worrying about myself. It makes me want to show love to others at home like I did here.”

Haley Coggins loved seeing our children having a great time doing ordinary things like enjoying a water balloon fight. She says she will be much more thankful for what she has, such as her home, parents and opportunities.

“I am also committed to being bolder in sharing Christ with others instead of just keeping Him to myself,” Haley says.

For Parker Cislo, the high point of his week here was visiting homes in the ghetto to deliver food baskets and listen to people’s stories.

“I will appreciate all I have and not take so many things for granted,” Parker says.

During their visit, the kids here had no doubt they are valued and loved. The team loved playing with the children, helping with their meals, and sharing their lives. They also brought outstanding energy and became attached to the kids.

A board member for the past three years, Cinda is grateful to Dorie’s Promise for the refuge it offers to so many children. She considers it an honor to support the work of Forever Changed International.

“I hope to bring back many more teams in the future,” she says. “Teenagers often catch a glimpse of Jesus here—one that they may not take time to notice at home. To see that, I will come back as many times as I can.”