A Family Affair

A Family Affair

By Alej Diaz-

While we always enjoy hosting mission teams at Dorie’s Promise, we were doubly blessed to see Paul Blitz again the week of June 11-18.

The father of seven from Napoleon, South Dakota came two years ago with his daughter, Hannah. This time Paul brought his entire family, plus a family friend and Cathy Moss, a junior high Spanish teacher from Rocklin, California.

“My favorite part of the trip was getting to see all the children again and visiting Mama Carmen’s orphanage,” Paul says.

“I also really enjoyed the debriefings we had each night, where I could listen to my kids’ best experiences and struggles, and know that they understood the importance of their roles there.”

Paul’s wife, Shauna, a preschool teacher, admitted that she was apprehensive about making the trip.

At first, she didn’t know what it would be like bringing her children to a place with so many needs. But after seeing the kids on our web site and realizing she would get the chance to meet the orphan they sponsor, she decided to come.

“I’m glad I did, because it changed my life!” Shauna says.

“Every day brought new excitement and challenges. Desi and Joel took us to different parts of Guatemala and immersed us in the culture. I felt like we got a ‘full’ experience of what life is like for the people.”

Now 14, Hannah says her favorite part of the trip was to see how much happiness small acts of kindness brings to the kids at Dorie’s Promise.

“I learned that the small things the kids loved wouldn’t be good enough for me,” Hannah says.  “That helped me to be more thankful for the small things I have. I think it’s good to realize I should be thankful for things such as food and shelter.”

Her brother, 16-year-old Dylan, particularly enjoyed visiting the HIV/AIDS home and playing soccer with the kids there.

Although he thought it would be scary to be around others with this illness, he learned that he had nothing to fear. The experience helped Dylan recognize that he spends too much time caring about himself and his needs when he should be helping others as much as possible.

The visit made a profound impact on family friend Kimmy Schaub. Going to the ghetto showed Kimmy how much she and other Americans have, and how she needs to be a more appreciative person. She also enjoyed spending time with our children and experiencing how others live.

The trip showed Cathy that many people in the world need help.

“We all need to step up and do something,” she says. “Large or small, we need to be good stewards of our time and making disciples. I will be looking at how I can effect change from my small community in Rocklin and abroad.”

Interested in helping change the world? There is still room on a trip scheduled for August. For more information, e-mail me at adiaz@fci.org.gt.