7 Reasons to Visit Dorie’s Promise this Winter

Visit Guatemala this Winter

7 Reasons to Visit Dorie’s Promise this Winter

Winter is swiftly taking over November for most of us. We’re pulling out heavier coats, gloves, and hats to combat the cold winds and threats of wintry weather. Meanwhile, in Guatemala, they’re enjoying sunny skies, their annual school break, and pleasant temperatures. Winter is a great time to visit Dorie’s Promise.

Reasons to Visit Dorie’s Promise this Winter

  1. Winter in Guatemala is warmer. You won’t need gloves and scarves at Dorie’s Promise this time of year. In fact, you might want to pack some sunscreen when you visit us. Do yourself a favor and fight the winter blues with a good dose of Guatemalan sunshine.
  2. Dorie’s Promise is less busy during the winter. Summer is our busy season. Make your way to Guatemala during the winter and you’ll find a much quieter, more laid-back atmosphere.
  3. Winter is the perfect time for introverts. During our busy summer season, our teams have between 20 and 30 members. It’s boisterous and exciting for 12 straight weeks. If small groups are more your thing, check us out during the winter. Teams are smaller, some as small as only 5 people.
  4. Fewer people each week means more focused time. Big groups offer varied skills and can complete bigger projects. Our smaller groups have the opportunity to connect more deeply and focus on a few activities altogether.
  5. Winter trips are the perfect solution for busy summer travelers. If you have a full summer schedule already planned, winter is the perfect time to give back to Dorie’s Promise.
  6. Winter is the perfect time to connect with different people. Mission trips aren’t just for spring and summer break. Why not visit us with your coworkers and friends this winter? Not ready to bring a big group? Meet some new friends with similar interests by connecting with others at Dorie’s Promise. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can connect with new people while serving together.
  7. The needs in Guatemala are not seasonal. Most of our projects are completed in just 12 weeks each summer by our large teams. But remember, need knows no season. Our kids at Dorie’s Promise and the families we serve in local communities still need your help year-round.

Do something different this winter—visit us at Dorie’s Promise.