Great Progress

Great Progress

Forever Changed International

By Pablo Villagran-

While many children who come to Dorie’s Promise are here because of sad circumstances in their lives, the progress they make here is quite heartwarming.

Take nine-year-old Ana, who has progressed from having little education to making notable classroom achievements.

When Ana arrived in February of 2010, she was a shy, reluctant girl. She was dirty, had lice in her hair, and suffered from a lack of proper nourishment. These are the kind of cases that touch our hearts and make us determined to keep going.

Forever Changed InternationalThe changes we have observed are nothing short of inspiring. After arriving in such a desperate condition, Ana has learned to read, has more self-confidence, and can think more clearly. While she has had some struggles, with her teacher’s help she is taking huge steps forward.

During Ana’s first year with us, we could also see that—because of the ill treatment she had suffered early in life—she didn’t think much of herself. Today Ana likes to dress up like a princess, which we believe shows an incredible boost in how she looks at herself.

The pretty young girl also likes to paint. To demonstrate the classroom progress she has made, she loves counting objects—in fact, anything to do with mathematics.

Teacher Claudia Roncal has noticed Ana’s social development. They went to two birthday parties, one in a restaurant and one at a friend’s house. Claudia says Ana loved interacting with her friend’s family and seeing the home: “She was very surprised by the surroundings.”

Ana is reading at about 70 percent of grade level,” says the Special Mother who watches her most often. “Because of her background, Ana was delayed in starting studies, but now can write in cursive,” she says. “As Ana continues in her studies and other activities, she will be able to develop as a normal, healthy child.”

Is your heart singing yet? Mine does every time I consider the development in so many children’s lives at our orphanage.

Forever Changed InternationalThis is what our sponsors make possible. By donating each month, and combining their gifts with many others, we are able to provide a safe home, food, medicine, health care, and education to children who might otherwise go through life illiterate, underfed, and hopeless.

Even though we have seen an increase in the number of sponsors over the past year, our needs are increasing as well.

Director Alejandra Diaz says daily expenses are increasing, especially the price of food: “We are in a situation where we need more sponsors.”

“In order to reach out to more of the forgotten children of Guatemala, we need more people who are willing to get involved. Not just to donate money, but to form relationships and become a positive influence in these children’s lives.”

If you want to help, click on this link for more information about becoming a sponsor. Or click here to sponsor Ana.