Preston and David Harris

Preston: When my dad came home one night last spring and told me that the plane tickets had been purchased for this trip, I didn’t know exactly how I felt. I had put off thinking about whether or not I really did want to go on the trip, and was wishing I had taken the opportunity to say no. As time went on, I learned to accept the fact that I was going to be spending Thanksgiving week in Guatemala. When we headed off to leave, I began to feel something different. Although a large part of me wished that I would be able to stay home and hang out with my friends and family, I was excited to go.

As this incredible week comes to a close I feel forever changed. I didn’t spend the week sharing the word of God with the people of Guatemala. I demonstrated the Romans 12 calling to be a living sacrifice. I never felt like a missionary, rather I felt like I was living out the desires of God through a few odd jobs. I know that the people I encountered were able to see Christ through our work. The experiences I have had leave me forever changed in the hands of the Lord. Thanksgiving is a time when we a Christians give thanks to God for all that he has given us, and I can’t think of any better way to spend that time than demonstrating what I am thankful for… The love Christ has for us.

David: What an incredible week to be broken and humbled for the needs of the people of Guatemala. What made it even more real was to have the privilege of experiencing it with my son Preston. We both will need time to process the events of this week. Together we have shared something special. Thank you God for using the poorest of things to allow us the experience the richest of your blessings.

Tyler and Jonathan Snow

Tyler: I went on this trip not knowing what to expect. I thought that it would be just another mission trip. I was totally wrong. It has forever changed my life. This trip opened up my eyes to how life really is, not the little perfect place that I call home. People in Guatemala are very poor by the world’s standard. They only have one or two pairs of clothes and many eat just beans and tortillas three meals a day. Yet even though they should have nothing to be happy for, they are radiating with joy. What this trip has really taught me was to worship and thank God for what he has given us…Himself! 

As we prepare to leave Guatemala today, I do so with mixed emotions. I have grown to love this country and the people. They are so humble, have so little, yet live with so much joy and worship God with so much authenticity and passion. Despite much work being done by those faithful followers, there is so much work to be done in the orphanages and La Limonada. We have made a small difference in answering the cry of the orphan and meeting the needs of the poor. It has been awesome to see God’s hand work in a mighty way during the past week. I have come to understand that when you live without much, without a cushion, you are blessed to see God meet your needs. It has been a humbling and life changing experience. Thank you to Ashley for guiding us through it. Praise be to God for making it all possible.


Pictured: EHBC Guatemala Missions Team - November 2009