My life was forever changed by Dorie’s Promise. When I first came to Dorie’s Promise I was afraid and I thought they were going to beat me like my mom did. I began to cry because I had never lived anywhere else and it was then that Heather came to talk to me. She explained to me that at Dorie’s Promise no one was going to hit me and I was going to have a better life here. I shared a room with three other girls. I loved it because we could talk to each other and we all understood what it was like to come from bad places. We instantly became best friends from the day we met.

Now I have been at Dorie’s Promise for almost four years and no one has hit me since my mother did. I get to meet lots of people who come to visit the home. They make me feel important because they take me on field trips to fun places like Chucky Cheese and the circus. At Dorie’s Promise I feel loved by my special mothers. When I am sad or feel alone my special mothers always come quickly to comfort and talk to me. They are always telling me about God and praying for me. Sometimes I think about my family before I came to Dorie’s Promise and what it would be like to go back and that is when I am most thankful for what I have at Dorie’s Promise. I know that at Dorie’s Promise it is better and that I now have a chance to be somebody in life, and for that I am forever changed.