María José de ZelayaMaria Jose de  Zelaya

My name is Maria Jose. I have worked at Dorie’s Promise since 2007, and
my time here has been the best of my life. When I first came to Dorie’s Promise I did not know what the work was about, but once someone explained to me what the work was about I remember saying to God, “This is the place where I want to be! I want to help with my work to change children’s lives!”

The experience of working at Dorie’s Promise made me to see the reality of my country, it is really sad to see how our children are abandoned in the streets and hit by their parents physically and emotionally, but at the same time it is so exciting to see how their lives change when they get into Dorie’s Promise. Their world is transformed—the sadness turns into happiness, hopeless turns into Faith. Over time you can see that their lives are changing.

Dorie’s Promise has had economical difficulties since adoptions were closed in Guatemala, but thanks be to God and thanks to those families that have given donations! These donations allow the homes go continue, but I especially give thanks because God has chosen someone to care and fight for orphans by giving them a place where they can find love, care and shelter.

I invite you to join us in making a difference in a country where Orphans don’t have hope and are forgotten by our government. Help us so that yet another child can say, “my life has forever changed!!”