Juan and Glenda’s Dream

By Ashley Willams

Lemonada in Guatemala CityJuan had a dream for his family – a dream that would end the downward spiral of living in the ghetto of Guatemala City, Guatemala.

His first step was to buy a lot above the ghetto – above the violence.  Juan and his wife, Glenda, planned to build a small home, a place where their three kids, Jonathan, Juan, and Kelly, could find refuge and hope.

But just as things began to come together to make this dream a reality, Juan was hit by a stray bullet on his way home from work.  In that instant his hopes and dream died.  Glenda was left alone to fend for the family and try to make a life for their children.  All she had was the lot at the top of the hill and the temporary shack that Juan had constructed, which now was his family’s permanent home.

Today Glenda sells cakes door to door.  She makes just enough to put food on the table for her children.  She sleeps in a twin size bed with her three kids.

Her biggest concern is the dirt wall behind the shack.  Each rainy season it erodes just a little more, and the threat of everything being washed away becomes very real.

Just when Glenda thought things could not get any worse, God opened a door and provided Glenda with a special miracle.  Forever Changed International stepped in and is providing temporary housing in a safe location in the ghetto.  They moved in yesterday!  The plan is to secure the property that Juan purchased with a retaining wall and build the house Juan and Glenda dreamed about for their children.

We’re moving forward with this plan, and in the next few months we’ll share with you how you can get involved both financially and by volunteering through our missions program and providing resources to help Glenda and the kids see their lives forever changed!

Retaining Wall Needed Inside the Cake Lady’s House One Bed for a Family