Jade Hibbert

My life was forever changed by my visit to Dorie’s Promise. My heart for missions grew immensely on this trip, which provided great opportunities for me to minister to the people of Guatemala. Through these opportunities, I saw this country’s dire need.

Before my visit to Dorie’s Promise, Guatemala was just another country on the map. Now, Guatemala has my heart. My thoughts and prayers go out to this country. I am so thankful for Dorie’s Promise and the excellent care that it provides for orphans.

This orphanage sets the precedent for orphan care in Guatemala. Dorie’s Promise truly is what the name says – a glimmer of hope amidst violence, poverty, and child abandonment. It is a safe haven for children in need. I pray that the Guatemalan government re-opens adoption soon . . . so that Dorie’s Promise and orphanages like it can continue their work in placing children in loving families.

Through my trip to Dorie’s Promise and the surrounding areas in Guatemala City, I realized that God has given us much so that we could share it with those who have little. From the wealthy Americans living in expensive homes to the poor Guatemalans living in La Limonada, we are all His children.