Dorie Van Stone...A woman of Faith

Dorie and Kids

Dorie Van Stone is a remarkable woman of amazing faith! Her life is a living testament to God’s incredible faithfulness amidst the most hopeless circumstances.

Dorie was dropped off at an orphanage as a very young child—her parent’s simply didn’t want her. Shunned by her mother, she had never been held, never been hugged, never been loved. She was abandoned and left to grow up in an orphanage where she suffered daily abuse. Dorie was continually rejected by those who would come looking for a little girl to adopt. No one ever chose her. She became tough and angry and frequently fought with the other children. She was beaten every single night before going to bed.

But it was at the orphanage that one day a special visitor told Dorie that “Jesus loved her.” Dorie believed her and grabbed hold of that truth. A few years later as she was forced to leave the orphanage, she was given a little New Testament by a newly hired matron--the only gift she had ever received. It was placed in her hands on the day she was sent into her first of many foster care homes. The kindly matron said, “I trust this book will become as precious to you as it has to me.”

Although Dorie never saw the woman again,  she began to read God’s Word, which became her strength. She treasured God’s promises despite the fact that even in foster care she continued to endure more physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. At times she escaped her abusers by fleeing, hiding, and jumping through windows. She became tougher and tougher, yet all she ever wanted was to be loved, to be accepted, and to be in a family. Through a series of miraculous circumstances, Dorie was finally rescued and God led her to attend St. Paul Bible Institute where she met and married Lloyd Van Stone, the love of her life. Lloyd, who died in 1986, was a great inspiration and encouragement to Dorie, and with him she found the home she always dreamed of having. They had two children, a boy and a girl.

Lloyd and Dorie along with their children became the first missionaries to the Dani tribe in Irian Jaya.

Dorie is still an unwavering advocate for orphaned children and hurting hearts around the world. So much so that over the years she has become known as “The Orphan’s Ambassador”! Everywhere God leads her she continues to offer the same hope that was given to her so many years ago... repeating those wonderful words of life, “Jesus loves you!”

Dorie continues to travel and gives hope to the hopeless as she shares her story in churches, schools, colleges, prisons, and behind orphanage doors worldwide.

In November 2009, Forever Changed International honored Dorie by naming their orphan care home in Guatemala City “Dorie’s Promise.” This amazing home has become an answer to Dorie’s lifelong desire, to do all she could to help provide every orphaned child with a safe place of shelter and the loving care they deserve. Because Dorie knew what it was like to be “the one that nobody loved,” she never wanted another orphan to feel that same hopeless shame. Dorie made it a point to never leave an orphanage without hugging every single child or adult that reached out to her, and she was always ready to touch a shoulder and offer a prayer for every hurting heart.

To learn more about Dorie’s amazing life you can read her books, Dorie: the Girl Nobody Loved, No Place to Cry, and Secrets of the Heart!

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