Through YOU and ME!

By Diana Chanchavac

ChanchavacHi, my name is Diana. I’m one of the supervisors at Dorie’s Promise!  I’ve been here since the work began in 2000.  I was 21 years old when somebody told me about this new orphan care home that needed people to take care of the children.

I didn’t know what to expect when I applied.  Now 10 years later, I look back and think about how God has changed the children I’ve cared for and how he has forever changed me.

I’ve worked with so many kids over the past 10 years.  Their faces and personalities are forever seared on my heart.  The children give me their unending energy, and I give them the confidence, love, and safety they so desperately need.

Each day I pray for each of these little ones.  They are like my children and I have hopes and dreams for each of them. 

My life has definitely changed through all these years of service.  I wish the same for you who are reading this email.  Come to Dorie’s Promise.  Visit the children.  Give what you can.  Join our small team of passionate workers.  The children need you.  It is so important for you to love them and let them know you care and are watching out for them.

Ten years have passed since I first came to Dorie’s Promise.  I can say I’m happier today than ever before.  Why?  Because I have seen God’s love at work here at Dorie’s Promise.  Through us (you and me), He is taking care of orphaned newborns, infants, toddlers.

What a joy this work is for me.  I have been with the children when they are sick, when they are happy, and when they are sad.  I have learned how to walk with them, how to talk with them, how to listen to them.  What an opportunity to share Jesus with them!

Some of the kids that come here have suffered all kinds of abuse.  Many have never met their mothers or fathers.  No matter what their background, I know they need love and security.  That’s what makes Dorie’s Promise special; that’s what we provide.  We give them a home, food, and an education – but more than that, we give them love and hope for a better life.