Cassie Mayers, 14 years old

My life was forever changed by Dorie’s Promise, Guatemala. Dorie’s Promise is doing some amazing things in Guatemala right now. They’ve taken in abandoned children and provided a loving, safe, clean environment for them. Without Dorie’s Promise these children would be left to fend for themselves on the streets of Guatemala. Dorie’s Promise has inspired me, because even though adoptions are closed and funding has been cut short, they continue to love and care for these orphans.

However, the mission at Dorie’s Promise would not be possible without the special moms. They take long hours out of their own lives – away from their own families – to be mothers to the children at Dorie’s Promise. That takes an extremely selfless and special person. The special moms model the type of person I would like to be, and after seeing them I have an idea of what that will take.

Therefore, after my trip to Dorie’s Promise Guatemala, I have been forever changed. After being at Dorie’s Promise I am extremely grateful for my mom and dad. The children at Dorie’s Promise were abandoned by theirs. Dorie’s Promise has changed my life because it has taught me to be a selfless person. It has also inspired me because Forever Changed International continues to care for the children just as well now, without proper funding from adoptions, as it ever did with adoptions open. My experiences at Dorie’s Promise have shown me what it takes to be a living sacrifice for Christ, and that’s exactly what I intend on doing for the rest of my life.