Ana Williams, 13 years old

My life was changed forever by Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. When I was 8 years old, I arrived at Dorie’s Promise. I was a scared little girl. The only home I had known had been with my mother in the ghetto of Guatemala City. My life was really messed up. My mom and dad drank all the time. They would hit me for no reason. My mother would try to make me drink. I watched as my older brother tried to protect me and would be beaten himself. Many nights we didn’t have anywhere to sleep but the ground. There were many days we didn’t have food. I couldn’t dream about a future – I had to worry about how to get by the next day.

When I came to Dorie’s Promise my life was so different. I didn’t have to worry about when I would eat again. I had food three times a day. I was really happy because I had special mothers who loved me. They would take care of me. I had a warm bed every night. I started to feel secure and to have dreams of a new family. I could dream of a mom and dad that would take care of me and love me. I could think past tomorrow.

Now I live in America with a good family. I have someone to talk to when I need it. I have a mom and dad who love me. I didn’t have a sister before and now I have two. Last month I visited Guatemala. I went back to the ghetto. I realized how much my life has changed and it all started with Dorie’s Promise – a place that gave me hope.