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Hi! My name is Yohana. I came to Dorie’s Promise with my two brothers Alex and Elvis. We were scared and hungry. Our parents got in trouble and are now in prison. At home, my brothers and I never had enough to eat. We were always hungry and weak. At Dorie’s Promise, we all have enough food every day. I feel myself getting strong and am able to do gymnastics and ballet. My Special Mothers support me and make me feel safe. When I started school I had trouble getting caught up with the other children, but now I have a tutor and my grades are getting better. I now believe that I will have a happier future.

Favorite Things

Like most little girls, Yojana loves the color pink. She is a good eater and especially likes fried potatoes and chicken.

Age: 11
June 15th, 2007
Casa 1