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Z - Sheily


Sheily came to Dorie’s Promise when she was two months old because her birth mother abandoned her on the streets of Guatemala City.

Today Sheily is growing and thriving even though she is tiny for her age. She is the baby everyone loves to hold. But as much as they might want to, the only time Sheily seems interested is before or after naptime. Otherwise, she will try to ignore you so you won’t pick her up. The staff doctor encourages that affection and attention be given to Sheily, as it is all important for her growth and development. The doctor’s orders are not hard to follow — she is such a sweet little thing.

Favorite Things

Sheily often tries to imitate the big girls. She babbles on and on as if you know exactly what she is saying. The older girls find her endearing, one of their favorites.

Age: 4
July 15th, 2013
Casa 5