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Hi! My name is Miguel. I came to Dorie’s when I was 2 weeks old because my mother left me in the hospital and did not come back. I was born with a birth defect which affects the way my face and head. My Special Mothers work with me every day with a special program the doctor gave them and it is helping me to become better at running, playing and thinking. I am very happy at Dorie’s. I have many friends here and receive a lot of love. I really like to listen to music; when I hear it I like to get up and dance.

Favorite Things

Miguel has become a very special and lovely child to the staff of Special Mothers. They will tell you that his heart and innocence is unique and special. They love all the affection he shows them; giving kisses is one of his favorite things. And, he shows great appreciation for their cooking; especially their beans!

Age: 11
March 14th, 2007
Casa 5