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Z-Abraham C


Hi! My name is Abraham Emanuel and I came to Dorie’s Promise when I was four. My mom died when I was a baby. I was put at Dorie’s Promise so I could grow up in a loving environment. I used to be very shy and have a very bad stuttering problem but I no longer do. I get to go to a Christian school and my grades are really good. I love to play soccer and my teachers tell me I am a good leader.

Favorite Things

Abraham is attracted to the color blue. He is a good eater, definitely not particular. But he especially likes fried chicken and McDonald’s.

The Special Mothers have always loved to hold Abraham and play with him because he is naturally very affectionate. But as he grows to be a big boy, the hugs he asks for are fewer and farther between.

Age: 10
March 19th, 2008
Casa 6