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Z - Maria Jose


Maria Jose and her half-brother and sister came to Dorie’s Promise via court order in August 2012. They had been living with relatives because their mother, a drug and alcohol addict, abandoned them, leaving them with family members. Not long after their mother left, the relatives presented the children to the court claiming they could no longer care for them. Maria’s brother Franco is still with Dorie’s Promise. Her sister Hilary is living with her father who has custody of her.

Maria Jose is an active little girl who enjoys going to school and works hard on her homework. She is very responsible and loves to help the Special Mothers with their chores. She is also very protective of her brother.

Favorite Things

Maria Jose has a beautiful sensitivity to the Lord. She loves to pray and is very curious about Jesus. She also likes to play with dolls, and her favorite foods are pizza, tacos, and fried chicken.

Age: 13
May 1st, 2005
Casa 6