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Z - Franco


Franco and his two half-sisters, Maria Jose and Hillary, came to Dorie’s Promise via court order in August 2012. They had been living with relatives because their mother, a drug and alcohol addict, abandoned them and left them with family members. Not long after the mother left, the relatives presented the children to the court claiming that they could no longer care for them. Franco’s sister Maria Jose is still with Dorie’s Promise. Hillary is with her father who has custody of her.

Franco was barely six years old when he came to Dorie’s Promise. Because of early abandonment and neglect, he has struggled with feelings of low self-esteem and has had some behavior issues in school. He has been receiving psychological therapy on a regular basis and little by little is becoming a happier and more secure young boy.

Favorite Things

By nature, Franco is an active child with a free spirit. He enjoys every minute that he spends in the backyard, running around, climbing, and playing on the playset. He thoroughly enjoys soccer and practices and plays often with the other boys and mission-trippers who visit Dorie’s.

Franco has a sweet sensitivity and curiosity about the Lord. He participates enthusiastically at worship time and often asks questions about God. His openheartedness to all things spiritual is especially unique and touching.

Franco definitely has a fashion sense. He likes to choose his own outfits and is tidy with his clothes. He is a hearty eater and especially enjoys rice and beans.

Age: 11
September 11th, 2006
Casa 6