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Lester was transferred from the hospital to Dorie’s Promise in 2009 when he was 15 months old. He came via court order for child abuse and neglect. Having recovered from the bronchial pneumonia that put him in the hospital, Lester arrived at Dorie’s Promise malnourished with bite scars on his arms and legs. The deprivation he had been subjected to in his short little life left him with delayed growth and development. His attitude, constant crying, and distrust led the doctors to originally believe he was mentally impaired, but time has shown that these were manifestations of extreme neglect.

In his early years, Lester struggled physically due to delayed motor development. He was weak in his legs and would often fall when walking. But during his years at Dorie’s Promise, Lester has grown to become a very strong and confident child. Nowadays you will find him climbing on the play structure like a little monkey, running, jumping, or kicking soccer balls.

Lester is a very bright boy. He learns quickly and is diligent at school. He is progressing steadily with his vocabulary and is becoming more understandable when he talks.

One of the most beautiful qualities about Lester is his unique sensitivity to the Lord. As young and busy as he is, he pays close attention during devotions and is diligent about giving thanks to God before meals. He also has a tight bond with his Special Mother and looks to her for reassurance and lots of hugs. He is playful, smiles and laughs often, and loves to interact.

Favorite Things

Lester is a good eater and especially loves pizza, beans, and bread. He loves the color green.

Age: 9
August 3rd, 2008
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