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Mirna came to Dorie’s Promise with her four siblings in February 2010 via court order for abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. She cannot be declared adoptable because her mother is in prison for subjecting her daughters to prostitution.

Mirna is a fighter and an inspiring example of overcoming obstacles. She has experienced terrible abuse and abandonment. Even with all of the unspeakable situations she has been exposed to, she still remains kind, tender, and loving. She has grown up to become a beautiful and caring teenager.

As the oldest of the five siblings at Dorie’s Promise, she plays a special role in her brother and sisters’ lives. Because of her, Ingrid, Ana, Maria, and Abraham are able to experience a sense of family and bonding that is so healing to them all.

Mirna is attending English classes and is a helpful on-site translator, especially for mission-trippers. She helps the staff of Dorie’s Promise with different activities. She loves to kiss and hug her siblings and friends. She also loves positive attention and love from the Special Mothers, as well as from her teacher.

Favorite Things

Mirna enjoys running and jumping; she likes competition. She likes everything that is pink and light blue in color. She has a tender heart toward God and enjoys learning about His great love.

Age: 20
February 15th, 1998
Casa 6