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Yire Abraham


Hi! My name is Yire Abraham. I came to Dorie’s Promise when I was only a few months old. My mother was homeless and could not take care of me because she took too many drugs. She is no longer alive. I am very happy at Dorie’s Promise. I love to run! I like to eat! I also have many friends to play with at Dorie’s. We like to play soccer together, climb on the play structure and swing on the swing. I started school this year and am doing very well. I am even learning English! My sister is now at Dorie’s Promise. Her name is Merary.

Favorite Things

He is a beautiful little boy who is starting to babble some words. He loves to run around the patio and spend time with his friends. He always sings along with his babbles and often says “Jesus” while clapping his hands. When he sees a Special Mother with his bath towel, he gets very excited and jumps around saying “Amen!” — most likely because one of his very favorite things is bath time.

Yire is a hearty eater and especially loves milk and fruity yogurt.

Age: 7
June 30th, 2010
Casa Casa 5