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Hi! My name is Brayan. I was brought to Dorie’s Promise when I was 3 years old because I was being mistreated and was taken away. I have always had a ton of energy and loved playing soccer. Every day I work on my soccer skills. The doctor helped diagnose my hearing loss and ADD. My learning disabilities have never stopped me, but now I am in a school where I can be even more successful. My Special Mothers and the other staff at Dorie’s Promise have influenced me and help keep me going. I enjoy working with our handymen on electrical and building projects and now attend a technical school that will help me be successful in the future.

Favorite Things

Brayan is crazy about soccer. He practices often and is quite skilled at the sport. Many a mission-tripper has found him to be a worthy adversary on the soccer field. He loves anything active and high-energy — running, wrestling, flying kites, playing outdoors. He also enjoys singing and often joins in during worship time with the Special Mothers. In his quieter moments you will find Brayan playing with his Nintendo DS, building Bionicles or Transformers, or studying cars. He is an animal lover too. And he likes the color blue!

Age: 18
January 17th, 2000
Casa 6