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My name is Silvia. I came to Dorie’s Promise as a newborn and have been here all my life. My thing is sports. I have been playing soccer for a long time, but recently I was introduced to tennis and my coach tells me I have great potential with that sport. So I practice tennis a lot. I also get to do ballet which is so much fun for me. I really like school. I also like helping take care of the little ones and doing chores at Dorie’s Promise. One thing about me that you need to know is that I like to eat. Pizza is my favorite!

Favorite Things

Sylvia is exceptionally athletic and loves sports of all kinds. Her favorite is soccer, but she recently participated in a tennis clinic and shows great promise at that sport as well. She is highly competitive and it is a pleasure to watch her give her all at whatever sport she is involved in. She is a standout on a team.

As competitive as she is, Sylvia is a truly lovely girl. She has a big smile and expressive eyes. She is energetic and is the first to jump in and help when it is needed. She is independent, confident and determined. As active as she is, Sylvia of course is a big eater and enjoys hamburgers, noodles, sausage, and pizza!

Age: 12
January 4th, 2006
Casa 6